What is the meaning of Expressionisto? And “Say It With Paper”?

I realised that my paper crafting, whether it be flowers, albums, cards or other paper goodies, is all about expressing how you feel! That may be an expression of feeling to others or to yourself. So, Expressionisto embraces that ethos!

And Say It With Paper, is all about that expression of feeling, where the “It” can be “I love you”, “I’m thinking of you”, “I’m Sorry”, “Congratulations” or absolutely anything you want to say! You can Say “It” With Paper!!!


What kind of paper do you use?

I use a wide range of mediums, to suit the style of the flower or arrangement. This includes text weight paper, cardstock (plain, textured, patterned or metallic), vintage and modern book pages, music sheets, comic books, Italian florist crepe paper, lightweight crepe paper, and tissue paper.

I source within Australia as much as possible, but materials not available here in Australia, are imported from the USA and Europe.

I have tried and tested many different cardstocks in particular, and use only the highest quality cardstocks, for their sculpting performance, colour stability and archival qualities.


Do you make wedding flowers?

Yes, I most certainly do! You will see many photos of wedding flowers in my Portfolio (see the link on the Menu). Paper flowers are a wonderful choice for weddings as they will last forever, are allergy free and can be designed and customised especially to suit your colour scheme and style. Paper flowers are “in season” all year round!!

In earlier years I would create the bouquets myself, but I am now just providing the flowers, so you can diy and arrange your own bouquet or ask a professional florist or other clever person to arrange them for you. This keeps your flower bouquet costs extremely reasonable.

Aside from bouquets, I offer paper flowers for wedding decoration of the cake, tables, pews and even large to giant paper flowers for walls or arches.
I also offer paper flower wrist corsages and boutonnieres, and flowers you can use to create stunning flower crowns for brides or flower girls.

I welcome your enquiries via the contact form and we can discuss your wedding needs!


What are your production times?

A few items are already made and ready to post out to you, and this will be made clear in the product description.

The majority of flowers will be made specifically to your order and as such require a production time, which will in turn be dependent on the number of orders I am receiving. I work extremely hard to turn the orders around to my customers as quickly as possible without any sacrifice in quality. Every customer is special to me and will be treated in that manner!

In general, the production time for most items will be 5 to 7 business days. Very large orders will require a longer production time and you will be notified as part of our discussions. Please allow ample time when ordering wedding flowers to allow time for discussion of your needs prior to the commencement of creating your flowers.

Please take note of production times in the product descriptions. If there is any change to that after you’ve ordered, I will get in touch with you immediately, so you will always be in an informed position.


Do you take custom orders?

Most certainly! You are most welcome to contact me via the contact form and we can discuss your special ideas!


Do you offer wholesale prices?

I’m not in a position to offer wholesale prices as my margins are not large enough to allow for any considerable discount. Paper flower making is extremely time consuming in terms of my labour and I price all my flowers commensurate with materials and labour time costs. I am open to discussing the price of a very large order (as in large number of same items) from either a business or individual, as I can usually make some economies of scale during the creation process. So you are always welcome to ask and I’ll work something out if it’s at all possible.


Do you teach workshops or offer tutorials?

Sadly there aren’t enough hours in my day or week to offer workshops or tutorials at the moment. However, you will find many tutorials on the internet and it is a matter of using these as a base for experimenting and creating your own style. You will need patience, stamina and lots… and lots… of practice!